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Business Divorce & Litigation

Selecting an experienced business lawyer is crucial to resolving business challenges and disputes. We have the extensive business litigation experience that you and your business need.

Business Divorce
A business divorce is the process by which two or more business partners or co-owners sever their business relationship.  Although it may appear to be “just business,” a business divorce often creates as much emotional drama and financial uncertainty as a divorce between spouses.  Regardless of the form closely held or family businesses have chosen -- partnership, limited partnership, corporation, or limited liability company -- there is no painless way to resolve fundamental disagreements among owners about the way to run their business.  It is best if the parties can work together and craft an amicable settlement or buy-out that preserves the business and allows everyone to simply go their own way.  Sometimes, however, one party will act unilaterally to take over and push out other owners, requiring litigation to vindicate rights or wrest compensation for the dispossessed partner.
Business divorce cases take many forms including partnership dissolution and accounting, corporate dissolution and shareholder derivative actions.  A dispossessed partner may sue for breach of fiduciary duty and “constructive” fraud, seeking damages for the dominant partner’s misconduct.  In each of these situations, the owners cannot agree on terms of separation, resolving the disagreement, or mutual buy/sell terms. We encourage negotiation before litigation. Negotiation can be difficult in business divorce situations as the personalities, interests, identities and often family history and friendships are all at stake beyond the economics involved.
Each case is different and carries its own unique set of circumstances. Prompt and practical legal consulting, with the creation of an exit strategy and dispute resolution plan, may prevent years of time-consuming and expensive litigation.  Restructuring the ownership of a business can be complicated due to financial, tax, liability, and accounting implications, as well as an often remarkable degree of personal animosity and bitterness.  We guide our clients through the complexities of co-owner dispute resolution, business separation and, if necessary, litigation.  In some cases, parties are able to avoid a business divorce by resolving the conflict through creative agreements.  We take the time to know our clients and their businesses, the motivations of the adverse parties, and the underlying causes of the disputes. We provide objective counsel to help focus and contain what is often an emotionally charged process. 
When litigation is inevitable, we work with a team of experts, including business valuation firms, forensic accountants, private investigators and computer forensic firms, which bring their experience to assure our clients are best prepared for litigation. 
Business Litigation
When a business dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it often leads to a lawsuit.  Any business dispute that results in being sued or having to file a lawsuit will require legal counseling on how best to protect your business interests and resolve your dispute in the most efficient and effective manner.  We have the experience required to handle complex business dispute matters and will fight for your interests.  Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your business dispute with an experienced trial lawyer.
We understand that quality legal representation can be important to the success of a small business.  We are committed to being accessible to our business clients when they need our services.  Our clients have the advantage of working with experienced business attorneys that understand their business and are committed to help that business succeed.  Contact us today to put our real-world experience to work for you and your business.
Business Services
We understand the challenges faced by businesses.  Hiring a good business lawyer is crucial to limiting risk and resolving challenges that come with operating a business.  The business attorneys at Taibi Law Group offer real world advice and quality legal services to entrepreneurs and business owners.  We use that experience to provide thorough, incisive legal representation to a wide range of business clients.  
For further information, please contact Anthony Taibi at 919-916-6000 or click here to email Attorney Taibi.