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Fraud and Business Disputes

If you have been cheated in doing business or making a purchase, our business tort and consumer fraud lawyers can help

What is Business Divorce?
Business divorce is the legal separation of the owners of business entities that are privately held. These entities can include corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. 
Prime considerations in untangling the ownership of a business can be complicated due financial, tax, liability, and accounting implications involved in a business divorce.
Additionally, in many cases the parties involved include the actual founders of the business, and can include family members and/or friends who have a highly personal interest in the business. Given this,these disputes can involve a increased degree of personal animosity and bitterness than disputes relating to public entities.
How We Can Help
In some cases, parties are able to avoid a business divorce by resolving the conflict through amended ownership agreements. Sometimes differences rise to the level at which a business divorce is contemplated, the co-owner must move forward in a manner that ensures the preservation of the business and its assets. Business divorce matters are too complex and intense, and the stakes are too high, for a co-owner to proceed without experienced advisers. Taibi Law Group litigators and transactional attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in business divorce and shareholder disputes. Our lawyers possess the practical and broad-based expertise to help clients restructure businesses to avert business divorce altogether, and in cases where business divorce is inevitable, assist clients in negotiating separations or successfully pursuing litigation if negotiations fail. 
Our lawyers understand that each case presents a unique set of facts and circumstances. We take great care to get to know our clients and their businesses, the motivations of the adverse parties, and the underlying causes of the disputes. We work tirelessly for our clients in order to provide objective counsel and help neutralize what is often an emotionally charged process. 
Our attorneys possess a thorough understanding of business transactions and guide clients through the complexities of co-owner dispute resolution and, if necessary, business separation. Our lawyers are well-versed in the applicable statutes controlling these matters, including standards for partnerships and limited liability companies.
Our attorneys can help prevent litigation by drawing upon their significant transactional and litigation experience to propose creative solutions to seemingly intractable and often long-standing differences. We recognize that these disputes are best addressed before litigation becomes inevitable, so we often work behind the scenes on behalf of our clients to propose solutions and improve their strategic positions in case litigation becomes unavoidable. 
When litigation is inevitable, our lawyers have a team of experts, including business valuation firms, forensic accountants, private investigators and computer forensic firms, which bring their experience to assure our clients are best prepared for negotiations and litigation. 
When matters are resolved or settled, we have experience in drafting agreements that memorialize the settlement and help prevent future disputes or problems, including the preparation of appropriate buy/sell agreements. As part of this process, we structure agreements that maximize any and all available tax benefits, incorporate estate planning objectives, and address employment matters, when appropriate. 
For further information on this topic or to discuss your case, please contact Anthony Taibi at 919-916-6000 or click here to email Attorney Taibi. 
Business Torts
Business torts are civil wrongs that are committed by or against an individual or organization causing economic injury or harm.  If your business has suffered or has been placed at risk because of reckless, careless or intentional misconduct, you need a team of experienced trial lawyers to advance and protect your interests.  Some common categories of business torts include breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, breach of contract, racketeering and tortious interference with a business or contract.
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
A fiduciary is a party who is charged with acting in another party’s best interests.  If the fiduciary acts in a way that is adverse to the beneficiary’s interests, breach of fiduciary duty occurs.  If you have been wronged by a business partner, joint venturer, trustee, administrator, advisor or other party that owes you a fiduciary duty, we can help.
For a fraud claim, a plaintiff must establish that the defendant intentionally misrepresented a material fact and the plaintiff relied on and was harmed by the misrepresentation.  Our experienced lawyers help clients pursue claims against businesses that have defrauded them and misappropriated their assets.
Breach of Contract
Many business relationships are defined by complicated contracts with exhaustive terms.  If you find yourself in a contract dispute, you will need an attorney that possesses the experience to handle contractual matters effectively and efficiently.  If you have questions about a contract, or are already involved in a contract dispute, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.  
Racketeering (RICO)
The RICO Act provides a civil suit component for victims of corrupt businesses acquired or operated through criminal conduct. If a corrupt enterprise has taken actions that harm your business, we may be able to help you pursue a racketeering claim.
Tortious Interference
Tortious interference can be broken down into two categories: interference with business relationships and interference with contract rights.  If another business has interfered with your contractual relationships or business relationships, you may have a tortious interference claim.
Consumer Fraud
Consumer Fraud is an act or omission in the conduct of trade or commerce designed to mislead a consumer.  This includes use of any false pretense, false promise or misrepresentation.  It also includes the concealment, suppression or omission of any material fact, with intent that others rely upon the concealment, suppression or omission of such material fact.  Consumer fraud can occur in  common transactions such as buying a car and/or warranty from an automobile dealer, investing in real estate, or investing in securities and financial services..
If you believe that you were defrauded, you need an attorney who can immediately begin to untangle the facts of your case and identify the fraudulent parties and aggressively prosecute claims against them.  Contact us today contact us today for a free, initial consultation.
Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
The North Carolina Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act (UDTPA) was originally enacted as a consumer protection statute to provide for civil legal means to maintain ethical standards of dealings between persons engaged in business and between persons engaged in business and the consuming public.  It covers unfair or deceptive acts or practices which affect commerce and cause actual harm to an individual or business.
Some instances that constitute unfair trade include false representations of a product, overcharging for products and/or services, and libel/slander regarding business dealings.  If you or your business has been harmed by unfair or deceptive trade, contact us today for a free, initial consultation.
Creative Fee Arrangements
At Taibi Law Group, our attorneys deliver high-value, low-risk representation through the use of creative fee arrangements.  Our firm has the resources to work on a contingency basis, eliminating the burden of high hourly rates.  We are dedicated to helping clients protect their businesses and investments.  Don't hesitate to contact us today.